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A two-hour educational virtual 

pairing beer, cheese & chocolate. 

With Scott Fielder, taste & see that the beer is good.

You  were  meant  to enjoy  wonderful  flavors.

Beer bottles
 Experience artisanal chocolate, craft beer, and gourmet cheese like never before.
Choosing the wrong virtual experience can
be disastrous to a meaningful connection
with friends and family. You deserve
all the benefits of a zoom party
hosted the right way.   

With Scott Fielder, having an Advanced Cicerone® lead your pairing guarantees an educational and exciting evening. Book your tasting today and you will see why a virtual pairing with Scott is exactly what you need to fully understand quality beer.

Scott Fielder takes the time to develop every detail of your tasting.
Together, you're guaranteed a wonderful evening exploring
the unique flavors only beer can provide.
Beer pairing setup
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Let your excitement overflow

This is our process for creating an experience your taste buds live for:
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Schedule your tasting

Over phone call or email, we go over the details of a virtual experience and schedule your tasting.

Gather your people

Invite your friends, family, or anyone you desire to join the gathering. 

Taste and see

Taste and see that the beer is good!

Beer glass sketch
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Ready to pair with Scott?

Being with your community and learning to taste what’s in your glass is fun and easy. 

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Beer pairing participant
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Advanced Cicerone®

If you want to further your knowledge and appreciation for craft beer then I would love to meet and collaborate with you. Being an Advanced Cicerone®, my goal is to properly help you appreciate beer and all it has to offer. While humbly sharing my passion and expertise, from  homebrewing to pairing beer with food, I want to explore the many facets of the craft beer world with you.


Let’s taste and see that beer is good, together.

Which Beer Education Opportunity

is right for you?

Beer and Food Pairing

From cheese to chocolate, I will walk you through the basics of beer and food pairing so every time you sit down to enjoy food you know the best ways to pair beer with it.​

Blind Tasting 

Studying for one of the Cicerone Exams or wanting to improve your tasting ability?  Let me proctor a blind tasting for you, walk you through the basics of tasting beer blind and test your beer knowledge.

Beer Styles and Flavor

Never know what you want to order when you visit a taproom?  I help break down the complex flavors that malt, hops and yeast bring to beer and what to expect from classic styles of beer, so the next taproom you visit you can order with confidence.


Build Your Own Workshop

Work with me to build a workshop that meets your or your staff's educational needs.


Book your tasting now!

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